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ASTM D-2892, 100CC

ASTM D-2892 Automatic distillation system.

Distillation of Crude samples in various system sizes.

Flask size range: 6 to 100 L

Automatic distillation mode

  • atm-run
  • vac.-run 100 mmHg
  • vac.-run 10 mmHg
  • vac.-run 2 mmHg

according to ASTM D-2892 or any distillation process

ASTM D-2892, 100CC
Screen Capture

ASTM D-2892, 100CC

Distillation according to ASTM-2892 with automatic fraction collection. The system is equipped with a microprocessor and a PC for data management / evaluation.

  • WindowsTM-based software for ease of use
  • real-time display of distillation data and parameters on the monitor and printer
  • Distillation parameter tracking and graphical display in diagram form
  • Permanent storage of data / parameter
  • Data evaluation software (optional)
  • Data conversion and ASTM standard printout of TBP-curve
Technical Data
Operation Temp. max. 400°C
Operation Pressure 1 to 760 mmHg
Controlled Operation Pressure 1 to 100 mm Hg
Boiling Range max. 400°C to 420°C AET
Flask Size 6 L
Charge 3 to 4.5 L
Large Flask Size max. 100 L (available on request)
ASTM-Column Efficiency approximately 15 theoretical plates
Fraction Collector automatic mode
Receiver 12 x 500 ml
Receiver Volume corresponding to flask size
Material borosilicate glass, PTFE
Power Req. 230 V @ 50 Hz (60 Hz on request)
Dimensions 2.7 x 1.2 x 0.8 m (H x L x D)

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