Fischer America, Inc.

Fischer America ASTM D-1160, 300 CC

ASTM D-1160 Computer Controlled (CC) boiling analysis system with automatic distillation rate control.
PetroDist 300 CC

Key Advantages

  • WindowsTM-based software for simple, intuitive operation.
  • Accurate calculation of distillation data, monitoring and printing of the distillation curves, boiling temperatures (ACT and AET), charge temperature, and distillation rates versus yield (vol-%).
  • Long term storage of distillation protocols and curves.
  • Automatic callibration of volume measuring system resulting in accurate, detailed distillation data.
  • Calculation of charge, which has to be filled in the flask, according to the receiver temperature and the charge density.
  • Adjustable measurement units (torr = mm Hg, mbar, hPa, °C, °F)
  • Entire system is delivered ready to use out of the box.
Screen Capture

All necessary controllers are installed:

  • vacuum controller
  • temperature controller for receiver
  • temperature controller for flask heater (depending on volume)
  • follower control (distillate rate control)
  • product cracking sensor
  • automatic cooling cycle post-distillation
  • automatic ventilation of column with nitrogen post-distillation (topping procedure)
  • automatic washing run (for cleaning in atm conditions)

Distillation Control Device * DCD 300 with PC and printer (data station)

DCD allows input and display of all distillation parameters and for indication of preselected, calculated and actual operation values on the monitor. The input of the parameters is protected against incorrect values. All set values can be changed during the operation.

System displays process flow chart with all essential parameters and displays distillation curve in ACT (actual boiling temperature) and AET (atmospheric equivalent temperature), plus distillation rate and charge temperature on the monitor in real time during the distillation process.

DCD handles calculation of the distillation results and prints the distillation report and yields on the attached printer.

Parameters and oil specific data are stored permanently on disk. Data can be recalled at any time for review of results.

The charge, depending on the destillate receiver temperature, has to be filled in the flask and the calculated weight is displayed on the monitor. No operator intervention is necessary after starting the system.

The distillation is fully automatic, from the Initial Boiling Point (IBP) to the detected or preselected End Boiling Point (EBP).

The criteria for ending distillation are:

  • the EBP in AET temperature is exceeded
  • the preselected distillate volume is exceeded
  • the maximum limits of heating bath temperature or flask temperature are exceed
  • product cracking in the flask (indicated by three different criteria)
  • vacuum loss

The distillate volume is automatically measured in a temperature controlled receiver. The flask heater is controlled by the preselected distillation rate.

Technical Data
Operation Temp. max. 400°C
Boiling Range max. 600°C (depends on product)
Std. Operation Pressure 1 mm Hg
Flask Size 500 mL
Charge 200 mL
Max. Ambient Temp. 25°C
Power Req. 230 V @ 50 Hz (or 110 V @ 60 Hz)
Power Cons. approx. 3.5 kW
Dimensions 0.9 x 1.6 x 0.6 m (H x W x D)

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