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ASTM D-2892, 500 CC

ASTM D-2892 Computer Controlled (CC) automatic controlled crude oil distillation system.
ASTM D-2892, 500 CC

Key Advantages

the system is designed for the distillation of small charges up to 300 ml and controlled by a microprocessor. All parameters (preset and actual values and safety limits) are digitally indicated on an LED display.

  • Crude distillation similar to ASTM D-2892
  • Max. boiling range: 450° C - 500° C AET (depending on charge and column load)
  • Distillation of organic, anorganic, macromolecular components, etc.
  • Automatic fraction collector with 10 receivers (20 ml) controlled by preselected:
    • cut temperatures
    • cut collecting times
    • temperatures and times
  • Various column types (packed column, spiral column approximately 10 to 50 theoretical plates depending on product and operation conditions)
  • WindowsTM-based software for simple, intuitive operation.
  • Monitoring and printing of distillation parameters versus distillation time:
    • vapour temperature (ACT and AET)
    • flask temperature (ACT and AET)
    • temperature of tower mantle
    • temperature of heating jacket
    • vacuum
  • Barometric boiling point correction according to the Maxwell-Bonnell Equation (ASTM D-2892)
  • Recalling of distillation curves at any time
Screen Capture

Automatic controlled crude oil distillation.

With packed column, compact and especially versatile, ready for use.

A modular system for teach students on crude oil distillations and industrial applications in R&D Centers for distillation of small charges.

* depending on product and operation conditions
Technical Data
Operation Temp. max. 350°C
Operation Pressure 0.1 to 1100 mbar
Controlled Pressure Range 0.1 to 100 mbar
Flask Size 500 mL
Charge 200 to 300 mL
Separation Efficiency approximately 10 to 40 theoretical plates*
Automatic Fraction Collector 10 x 20 ml
Material borosilicate glass, stainless steel
Power Req. 230 V @ 50 Hz (110 V @ 60 Hz on request)
Dimensions 1.0 x 1.4 x 0.7 m (H x L x D)

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